Fundraising Ideas for Students: Just do it!

Use your own creativity and initiative. Just be sure to get your parents’ permission and talk to Ms. Hutton before you begin organizing your fundraiser.

Spare Dollar Fundraiser (click for an example)

  • $1 + $1 + $1….It all adds up!

Singer for Hire

  • Advertise the services of choir members for $15 an hour: it could be pulling weeds, it could be climbing up to the attic for an elderly person, it could be babysitting…anything. Advertise it as: will do almost anything for $15 (or $20!) an hour donation.
Performance in the Community
  • Sing for a party, meeting, community opening, for a donation from the organizers? Sing in a restaurant for one evening, and set out a donation jar? Organize a flash mob, and take donations after? Many possibilities….
  • Talk to the owner/manager of the facility, and get advance permission from the organization, parent(s), and Ms. Hutton.
Other Ideas:

Check in with your family and/or Ms. Hutton before you initiate a fundraiser.

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