Extra Credit/Make-Up Work

Students may earn extra credit for any number of activities involving choral/vocal music.

  • Attend a live performance of a choral/vocal concert or other performance. Write a thoughtful, 1-2 page review of the event, and turn it in, along with a concert program.
  • Evaluate 6-10 YouTube videos of choral performances by choirs of singers around your age. Complete this written form, evaluating each choir’s work.
  • Explore the music you are singing in your choir. Learn about a piece’s composer, its poet, its musical characteristics, or whatever else interests you. Choose some way to demonstrate your knowledge (paper, presentation, multimedia, etc.)
  • Perform for your class. Give a well-rehearsed, professional performance with a formal introduction. Be prepared to explain the background of the song and why you chose it.
  • Assist with maintenance and administration of the CHS music department. (See Ms. Hutton for possible assignments.)
  • Participate in Pennsylvania Music Educators Association’s (PMEA’s) District, Regional, or All-State Chorus Festivals. And/or participate in American Choral Directors Association Honor Choirs. (Information on these opportunities is posted on the choirs website as it becomes available.) Write a 1-2 page reflection on the experience.
  • Propose some other activity that you can fully engage in, one that develops your musicianship. Talk to Ms. Hutton about what you’d like to do; she’ll most likely say yes!

1-50 points will be earned, based on the quality and quantity of the work.

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