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1st Official New Orleans Fundraiser: Lollipop Sales

First Official Fundraiser! Lollipop Sales (through October 12).

Students buy bags of 20 gourmet lollipops for $6.50 per bag, then sell each pop for $1, netting $13.50 profit per bag. Students give the $20 in sales to their family to use for tour payments.  

Students, see Ms. Hutton or your Choir President to purchase lollipops. $6.50 per 20-count bag, cash or a check to CHS VPA Boosters.

New Orleans Tour in 2019!!

Please visit the New Orleans Tour page, above, for everything you need to know about our magnificent March 2019 performance tour!!


Cheltenham Choirs Support our Friends in Puerto Rico with Hurricane Relief Efforts

Please click here to donate to the Ponce High School Support Fund via PayPal,

and share the link:

In February 2016, 47 Cheltenham Choir students and 5 adults traveled to Puerto Rico for an extraordinary performance tour. Here’s a video from our wonderful time in Puerto Rico.

We were greeted particularly warmly by our singing colleagues at Ponce High School, who performed for us, fed us a homemade dinner at their school, and reached out to all our Cheltenham singers with open arms.

Find out more about Puerto Rico from our Select Choir President, Erin Kuchler.

CHS and Ponce High School singers in the courtyard of their school after a magnificent joint concert and a delicious homemade dinner.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, we are reaching out to assist our colleagues in Ponce. Many are still without clothes, water, and food, and the school is spearheading efforts to rebuild its students’ homes.

Please click here to donate to the Ponce High School Support Fund via PayPal,

and share the link:

Thanks to those of you who have already donated–we collected $73 for Ponce High School at our car wash October 14!

Please keep the donations coming. Choir Director Victor Quiles and his students are extremely grateful for all the help we will provide.

Day 5 in Puerto Rico

Final day on tour…Checked out of our Ponce hotel, soaked up the scenic drive to San Juan, then enjoyed some sun, lunch, and souvenir shopping in Old San Juan after our visit to El Morro, the 16th century Spanish fort at the edge of the island.

Arrived home in Philly late, both tired and happy!! 

Endless thanks to everyone for an absolutely outstanding tour experience!!!

Day 4 Highlights

A superb Sunday in Ponce!! Amazing salsa dancing lessons in the hotel, then lunch at the waterfront boardwalk. Next, two major concert highlights: a performance at Ponce High School alongside their great choir, followed by dinner with new Ponce High School friends; and an evening concert alongside the Ponce Municipal Band in the Ponce town square, broadcast live on the radio. (Link to the radio broadcast to come!) We received very warm receptions after both concerts, and our Cheltenham singers performed beautifully! What an amazing day in Puerto Rico!!


Day 3 Puerto Rico Highlights

Saturday in Puerto Rico!…Lovely beach time in San Juan, then a bus ride through stunning mountains to our second city destination, Ponce. Lunch near the town square. An energizing afternoon workshop with Professor Colon-Tarrats. He taught the students a choral arrangement of a Puerto Rican danza, and students even practiced the dance afterward, with the help of Ruben’s college students. Excellent dinner together with another impromptu sing, and an evening of relaxation at the hotel.

Now more dancing! Salsa lessons for everyone and then off to lunch at the waterfront and two concerts later!

Thanks to Dr. Hammond for the photo collages. Many more photos to come!



Day 2 Puerto Rico highlights

Friday: Great morning performance at Antilles High School, with warm fellowship and mingling afterwards. Amazing guided hike through El Yunque rainforest. Impromptu performance at the bottom of a waterfall. Plus great dinners, dessert, kayaking, pool time, and more!

Now, Saturday morning, after some fantastic swimming and sunning at the beach in San Juan, on the road to Ponce for a workshop with Professor Ruben Colon-Tarrats.

This is a wonderfully adaptable, fun, and pleasant group, and everyone is having a blast!!

Day 1 highlights from Puerto Rico

Lovely walking tour of Old San Juan, impromptu performance at a gorgeous Cathedral, and a delicious authentic dinner!

Now, Day 2, on the way to our first concert, at Antilles High School!

Touring San Juan

Our 47 singers and chaperones on a guided tour of Old San Juan! On a gorgeous afternoon at the Fountain of the Roots.


Coffeehouse Fundraiser this Friday, 7-9pm, at Elkins Park Train Station

Please join our CHS Choir community for a fun evening of refreshments and entertainment this Friday, December 4, 7p-9p, at the Elkins Park Train Station!

CHS Choir members will present casual performances.

Before the event, please head to The Open Book Bookstore. Open Book owners and CHS Choir parents Lynn Rosen and Evan Schwartz will donate a portion of the proceeds from book sales.

All proceeds from the evening benefit the Choir Tour to Puerto Rico in February.

Hope to see you there!

Coffeehouse Flyer PR Dec 4

Puerto Rico Tour Scholarship Application

Cheltenham Singers: You are eligible to apply for a Puerto Rico Tour Scholarship.

Please complete the Puerto Rico Tour Scholarship Application online by Wednesday, November 11.

Scholarship applications are open to any choir student who would like to go on the tour. Awards will be allocated based on the total demonstrated need and on the balance of the scholarship fund. Scholarship awards will be announced by November 20.

Puerto Rico Tour News! and Deadline this Monday, Sept 28

Hello Choir Students, Families, and Supporters!

By now, you have heard about the fabulous CHS Choir Tour to Puerto Rico in February. Yes!! This very special opportunity is open to anyone in the choir program, and the goal is to make it accessible to all motivated students and families.

puerto-rico-flag thumbs up

At Thursday’s VPA Boosters Meeting, the group voted to donate $100 in VPA funds toward the cost of every student traveler’s trip. That will bring the total cost down to $1282 (rather than the original $1382).

*You can expect to see this adjustment reflected in the official tour website’s online payment information in the near future. For now, the adjusted payment schedule is reflected here.

Know that much more can and will be done to help with the cost! Many people at Thursday’s meeting expressed great enthusiasm about organizing independent fundraisers using the collective energy of those committed to going on the trip. Many successful individual fundraising ideas are here. There is great entrepreneurial spirit in our program, and lots of generous offers to help. We can do this! Got more ideas to share or need help getting started? Just get in touch with Ms. Hutton.

Reminder: The deadline to sign up for the trip is this Monday, September 28. The first payment, $69.10, is due on that date.

To register or make a payment, click here. Click “Login” to create a new account and/or make a payment.

When you register, if your student does not have a passport, no problem–just type in a few zeros in that field. If your student does have a passport and will be using it to travel, you may enter that passport number. (Each traveler will need a passport or a state-issued ID–driver’s license or non-driver’s state ID, available from PENNDot.) Again, let Ms. Hutton know if you have any questions.

Again, there are many people willing to work hard to make this trip a reality for any and all Cheltenham choir students. It’s an amazing and unusual opportunity that will have a tremendous long-lasting positive impact for all our students and our community! We can do this!

Puerto Rico Tour Info Session & VPA Boosters Meeting this Thurs, Sept 24, 7pm

Reminder: Meeting this Thursday, September 24, at 7:00 pm, in the CHS Choir Room!

This meeting will include a detailed presentation of the Puerto Rico Tour, along with opportunities for students and families to get their questions answered and to discuss fundraising.

puerto-rico-flag thumbs up

The second half of the meeting will be the first 2015-16 meeting of the CHS Vocal Performing Arts (VPA) Boosters, the group that supports the activities of our choral and vocal program.

CHS VPA Boosters Logo

If your goals are simply to know our vocal program better, to find out more about Puerto Rico, or to volunteer to support our activities, you will have a rewarding evening. Hope to see you there!

September/October Reminders

Here’s the rundown on the many exciting activities happening this fall! (Students are also receiving this document in their choir classes.) Thanks for your support of these endeavors!


Puerto Rico Tour!!

Puerto Rico Itinerary Header

CHS Choirs Performance Tour
to Puerto Rico

Feb 25-29, 2016

The first ever Cheltenham choir tour outside the continental U.S.! Open to all Cheltenham Choir students!

Please visit our Tour page for all the details on this life-changing trip.

Alumni and Supporters: please contact Ms. Hutton if you’d like to help sponsor a singer. We believe every choir student deserves the opportunity to represent Cheltenham on this prestigious performance tour. Your help will make a lasting impact.

Cheltenham Choirs’ 2015-16 Events!!

Hello All, and Happy Summer!

Please check out our exciting events for 2015-16 on the calendar page.

Get pumped for our February performance TOUR to Puerto Rico, our car wash September 19, and our night out at the Phillies game October 3!

More details on these and other events will arrive soon, both on this site and in your email inbox.

Looking forward to a wonderful year!


Cheltenham Choirs Update, Summer 2012!!!

Hello Cheltenham Choirs Students, Parents, and Supporters!!!

Hope you are all having a fantastic summer. I’m very happy to be in touch with you all again after our two-month hiatus. (Baby picture below. :-))

I’d like to officially thank all those who made our program operate so beautifully in my absence. A huge thanks to Ms. Dehner, our student leaders, our parents and VPA Boosters, our school administrators, and all our wonderful CHS Choir students! I know everyone worked very hard in class and on the New York City tour to make your activities together rewarding and fun! Congratulations on a great end of the year.

Now, on to 2012-13!

First, a call for volunteers!

1. Student Volunteers Needed! Thursday, August 9, 2:00-5:30 pm, in the CHS Choir Room

Tasks: catalog and label new music; clean and organize room, files, and bulletin boards; prep for August 18
Rewards: fun with other choir people; the inherent beauty of an orderly, prepared learning environment; possible sighting of little Will at 2 1/2 months of age

2. STUDENT and PARENT Volunteers Needed! Saturday, August 18, 10:00 am-5:00 pm, in the CHS Choir Room and Stretton Hall

Tasks: organize prop room above stage (the biggest task!); clean out scene shop area; continue organizing choir room.
Rewards: fun with other choir families; refreshments from the VPA Boosters; backstage area and classroom that are ready for exquisite endeavors in the performing arts!

I hope anyone and everyone can join us to help on these days!!!

Please come by, if only for a short time.

Looking ahead, in other news:

  • In August I will post on this website a calendar of all 2012-13 choir activities.
  • Also, Touring Ensemble members, look to receive a bunch of exciting info soon!

I’m looking forward to a fantastic year of music making and camaraderie, everyone!!

Will says, “Thank you for singing to me for nine months.” 🙂

NYC Tour: Adjusted Room Groups and Chaperone Groups

Due to one student dropping out of the tour and other circumstances, the room groups and chaperone groups for the June NYC Tour have been adjusted. The updated lists are accessible here:

Revised Room Groups and Chaperone Groups (updated 5/5/12)  (two different tabs at bottom of spreadsheet)

I’m sorry for any unexpected changes. Again, please know I have done all I can to accommodate every student preference that has been communicated to me. I understand that every student’s arrangement may not be perfect in an ideal world of his/her own personal creation. Please trust that your preferences have been accommodated as much as possible. I urge you to keep in mind that group travel–as well as participation in any musical ensemble–requires sacrificing the needs of the individual to the needs of the group.

I know we will enjoy the tour experience tremendously! I appreciate your flexibility, kindness, and team-oriented outlook!! Thank you.

Thank you, also, for a wonderful meeting on Tuesday. 100% attendance and lots of positivity. It’s going to be a fantastic trip!

Tour Documents (from the May 1 meeting)

Itinerary and Expectations

Reminder: Mandatory Tour Meeting Tues, May 1, 7:00 pm

To All Tourgoing Students and Families:

Our mandatory meeting about the June NYC Tour is this Tuesday night, May 1, at 7:00 pm, in the choir room.

Each student going on the tour must be present with his/her parent/guardian (or, if need be, another responsible adult).

Students who do not attend or who do not attend with a responsible adult will not be allowed to go on the tour.

Thank you! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!