Select Choir 2019-20

Thank you to all those who auditioned for Select Choir. I look forward to working with each one of you in our choir program next year, no matter what ensemble(s) you sing in!

Everyone who auditioned: We will discuss your audition one-on-one during class time. I’m happy to share feedback.

If you did not get in, I hope you will audition again next year. It’s important to remember that often, very small margins separate those who were accepted and those who were not. Also, remember that your skills will continue to grow next year, and you can enroll in not just one, but two choirs next year, if you like. (Yay, more singing!)

If you are on the list below, please recognize that your acceptance is contingent upon exemplary performance in vocal arts activities in the remainder of this school year.

Everyone, please reach out if you have questions about music courses for next year, or if I can help with your course selections or scheduling at any point.

Below is the roster for Select Choir for 2019-20. Congratulations to new members.

Select Choir 2019-20

* = new member

Venus Agbadan*
Ava Angelettie
Nila Anthony
Kayla Banks*
Lily Bitterman*
Michaela Bockarie
Sydney DiFebbo*
Caelan Donahue
Sarah England
Rose Fevrier*
Miles Fodor
Simone Free
Brianna Freeman*
Jaden Sky Greenbaum
Naomi Guth
Jordan Hood
Najae Johnson*
Bishop Kaschock-Marenda
Gabriel Kellogg*
Jaeden Keyes*
Casey McLaughlin
Maggie Morrison*
Latyr Ndoye*
Roy Nussbaum
Nya Paulection
Quincy Rhoades
Immanuel Rimmer
Stefan Rogowski
Oren Schwartz
Anna Turk Karan*
Dominique Vidal
Najeh Williams

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