Up the Octave and Sons of Pitch Audition Results

Kudos to all the fantastic singers who auditioned for our CHS a cappella groups. Auditioning takes courage, and you are all to be commended. Below are messages from the student leaders of both groups.

Returning members of Sons and UTO will perform tomorrow, Saturday, Sept 22, at the Food Truck Jamboree at 3:00pm. (Call time 2:45pm.) All are invited! The first rehearsal with new members is Sunday, September 30. Please find the CHS A Cappella Calendar of Activities here. Thank you.

Up the Octave

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for Up the Octave this year. Congratulations to our new members! We understand auditioning for any group is stressful and we thank all the girls for putting themselves out there. If you did not make it in this year, understand that is is a very difficult decision for the group to choose a select few out of so many talented young women. We hope that you will come back and re-audition next year. Thanks again!

*= New Member
Nila Anthony
Kayla Banks
Lily Bitterman*
Michaela Bockarie
Sydney DiFebbo*
Sarah England
Alice Fodor
Naomi Guth
Anna Turk Karan*
Jay Mancini
Casey McLaughlin
Carla Michel*
Raina Miller*
Jess Pham
Natalie Pomerantz
*= New Member

Sons of Pitch

THANK YOU AUDITIONERS! Everybody who auditioned had something special to offer to the group, and those who did not get in should not be discouraged. The decision this year was especially difficult because of the expansive array of talent shown, so, if not accepted, try again! Congratulations to our new members, this year is going to be a great one!

* = new member

Caelan Donahue
Miles Fodor*
Jaden Sky Greenbaum
Jordan Hood
Bishop Kaschock-Marenda
Troy Norton*
Roy Nussbaum
Colin Polisano
Quincy Rhoades
Immanuel Rimmer*
Stefan Rogowski
Matt Ryan
Oren Schwartz
Najeh Williams*

* = new members

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