Cheltenham Choir Video for Hurricane Relief

Please see our Choir’s Video message to help the Ponce High School community in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and share the link via social media!


Please click here to donate to the Ponce High School Support Fund via PayPal,

and share the link:

We will send donations to Ponce High School’s principal. The money will be used to help students and their families obtain food, water, clothes, and school materials. After those needs are met, further donations will be used for building supplies to rebuild students homes. Victor Quiles, our friend and Ponce High School’s Choir Conductor, is helping to coordinate our communication.

CHS and Ponce High School singers in the courtyard of their school after a magnificent joint concert and a delicious homemade dinner.

Many thanks to CHS Choir Alumnus Oliver Snook ’17 for his video editing and production, as well as Maya Rector ’18 and Marine Lipshutz ’18 for videography, Elijah Crisden ’18 for Spanish translation, and Erin Kuchler ’18 for choir leadership. Additional thanks to Craig Carracappa,Neil Schroeder, Eileen Birzes, Keila Vargas, Ana Salazar-Diguilio, and Ben Hammond at CHS.

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