CHS students selected for PMEA’s District 11 Chorus Festival

A big congratulations to nine Cheltenham Choir members who were accepted to PMEA’s District 11 Chorus Festival, based on their audition Saturday, November 22:

Willa Douglas (Soprano 1)

Willa Capper (Soprano 2)

Arin Edelstein (Soprrano 2)

Lilo Blank (Alto 1)

Mikayla Stone (Alto 1)

Lowell Hoyt (Tenor 1)

Isaac Blank (Bass 1)

Xavier Crisden (Bass 2)

Owen Davies (Bass 2)

A total of 160 students were selected from a pool of over 300 auditionees from across Bucks and Montgomery counties.

These students will prepare several pieces for the three-day PMEA District Chorus Festival. The festival is February 4-6 at Lower Merion High School. It will be led by Dr. Jane Glocke, choral conductor at Penn State University.

Congratulations again to our Cheltenham singers!


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