Vocal Workshop this Saturday, October 10, 9a-1p!

Free Vocal Workshop for all CHS Choir Students this Saturday, 9a-1p!

Join Bucknell University’s Beyond Unison, led by Alli Aaron (CHS ’12), for a fun and casual workshop and performance on Saturday!

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.08.19 AM

Beyond Unison is a fabulous co-ed a cappella group from Bucknell University. The group will make a special stop on their fall tour to work with our Cheltenham singers. They’ll perform for our students, teach everyone a song, do some singing games and exercises with everyone, and coach each of our a cappella groups on one of their songs. (For our a cappella group members, this is a required gig).

The workshop will start at 9:00 am in the choir room.  At 12:30 pm, our students and Beyond Unison will perform a casual concert together in Stretton Hall. The 12:30 concert is open to everyone: parents, friends, students, and community members!

The workshop is free. A continental breakfast, available for $4, will be available for purchase at 10:15am. Thanks to VPA for providing the great breakfast option.

All choir students, please join us for the workshop!  Parents and supporters, hope you can join us for the 12:30 concert in Stretton Hall!


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