Puerto Rico Tour News! and Deadline this Monday, Sept 28

Hello Choir Students, Families, and Supporters!

By now, you have heard about the fabulous CHS Choir Tour to Puerto Rico in February. Yes!! This very special opportunity is open to anyone in the choir program, and the goal is to make it accessible to all motivated students and families.

puerto-rico-flag thumbs up

At Thursday’s VPA Boosters Meeting, the group voted to donate $100 in VPA funds toward the cost of every student traveler’s trip. That will bring the total cost down to $1282 (rather than the original $1382).

*You can expect to see this adjustment reflected in the official tour website’s online payment information in the near future. For now, the adjusted payment schedule is reflected here.

Know that much more can and will be done to help with the cost! Many people at Thursday’s meeting expressed great enthusiasm about organizing independent fundraisers using the collective energy of those committed to going on the trip. Many successful individual fundraising ideas are here. There is great entrepreneurial spirit in our program, and lots of generous offers to help. We can do this! Got more ideas to share or need help getting started? Just get in touch with Ms. Hutton.

Reminder: The deadline to sign up for the trip is this Monday, September 28. The first payment, $69.10, is due on that date.

To register or make a payment, click here. Click “Login” to create a new account and/or make a payment.

When you register, if your student does not have a passport, no problem–just type in a few zeros in that field. If your student does have a passport and will be using it to travel, you may enter that passport number. (Each traveler will need a passport or a state-issued ID–driver’s license or non-driver’s state ID, available from PENNDot.) Again, let Ms. Hutton know if you have any questions.

Again, there are many people willing to work hard to make this trip a reality for any and all Cheltenham choir students. It’s an amazing and unusual opportunity that will have a tremendous long-lasting positive impact for all our students and our community! We can do this!


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