Final VPA Boosters Meeting of the School Year – Tues, June 9, 7:00 pm

We are fortunate to have a vibrant parent group whose support is vital to our choir/vocal performing arts program. Please consider attending a friendly end of the year meeting of the CHS VPA Boosters next Tuesday. Thanks very much for your support!    -Jenny Hutton

A Message from the CHS Vocal Performing Arts Boosters:

Please come to our end of the year VPA mixer/meeting Tuesday, June 9, at 7:00 pm, at Brenda Edelman’s house in Elkins Park. We will have VPA Board elections and encourage new parents to get involved.

Getting involved will give you a sense of all that is going on in the choral programs at CHS and affords you the opportunity of spending more time with your child. It is a win-win situation.

Tuesday June 9th @ 7:00PM

8222 Manor Road, Elkins Park

We hope you will join us!

– VPA Board
Brenda, Marlene, Robin, Carol and Sheryl


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