Select Choir Auditions & Course Selection for 2015-16

For all 9th, 10th, & 11th graders: Believe it or not, Course Selection for 2015-2016 is right around the corner!

Our choir program offers many great options for singing during the school day, including Men’s Choir (grades 9-10, minor), Women’s Choir (9-12, minor), Concert Choir (10-12, minor or major [new: can be elected as a major!]), Select Choir (10-12, by audition; major), and Advanced Choral Studies (new offering this year!, 9-12, minor or major, with approval). Not to mention other great music department classes including bands, orchestras, AP Music Theory, Beginner Piano, etc.

We’ve discussed these options during recent choir classes. Students and parents: Please reach out to Ms. Hutton for more info about any curricular offerings, and take a look at the course descriptions in the Course Selection Guide, which will be available on the official school website Friday, January 23.


Select Choir is our most advanced choral ensemble and is a home for motivated, dedicated, and hard-working student musicians. Select Choir members have choir class every day, and they commit to doing extra performances and extra preparation work outside of class time.

Auditions for Select Choir will be held Friday, January 30, after school.

Auditionees will sign up for an 8-minute slot between 2:45 and 5:25. The audition includes a simple song (no preparation necessary), vocal exercises, sight-reading, and aural skills evaluation. Sign-ups begin Friday, January 23.

Students, if you’d like to audition for Select Choir but have a conflict on Jan 30, please make an audition appointment with Ms. Hutton. The last day for auditions is Friday, February 6.

Students and Families: Again, please take some time to review the new Course Description Guide, online January 23. If you have any questions about what choirs or other music classes might be right for you, please talk with Ms. Hutton anytime. Thanks! I look forward to working with you in 2015-16 (as far off as it is)!


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