Up the Octave & Sons of Pitch Audition Results

Thank you to all who auditioned for our CHS a cappella groups! Auditioning takes courage, and you are all to be commended for your work. Below are messages from the student leaders of both groups. -Ms. Hutton

Up the Octave

Thank you to all who auditioned this year! We encourage those who are not on the list to not give up and to try out again next year. We congratulate those on the following list. Here’s the list of Up The Octave Members for the 2014-2015 school year.

Maddie August
Autumn Angelettie*
Lauryn Banks*
Grace Bitterman*
Lilo Blank
Willa Capper
Isabel Colangelo
Maureen Conly
Maddie Coutts*
Willa Douglas*
Arin Edelstein
Sydney Griffin
Lia Hyman
Catherine Kluchinski
Kathy Nguyen*
Nina Schenk
Egypt Stoute*
Taylor Symes

* = new member

Sons of Pitch

Sons of Pitch would like to thank all those who auditioned this year. It was a tough decision and we hope that those who did not make it will come back next year!

Sons of Pitch 2014-2015:

*=New Member

Robert Austin
Isaac Blank
Noah Clouse
Xavier Crisden
Elijah Crisden*
Owen Davies
Greg Davis
Jeremy Elvas*
Lowell Hoyt*
Charles Miller*
Eliot Pavlov-Rosenfeld
Adam Provost*
Joe Reilly
Oliver Snook
Austin Warr
Kyshan Wooten*


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