Feedback from Judges at Music in the Parks Festival, May 2014

On May 30, 2014, our Select Choir and Touring Ensemble performed at the Music in the Parks Festival in Bethlehem, PA. The 40 students, 3 chaperones, 2 guests and I had a great time performing and watching other groups perform; then we enjoyed spending the afternoon together at Dorney Park.

A highlight of such festivals is the feedback we get from the festival adjudicators. At their performances, both Select Choir and Touring Ensemble received ratings, written feedback, and verbal comments from two well-respected, veteran choral educator-musicians. Both CHS ensembles earned Superior ratings, and their point totals were higher than the scores of any other groups at the festival. Congratulations!

The judges offered suggestions about the crispness of our consonants, Select Choir’s use of folders vs. memorization, and Touring Ensemble’s style of choral sound, among other details. Overall, their feedback was very positive. Some of the judges’ positive feedback, in their own words, is included below in a fun CHS word cloud. 

Congratulations again to our Select Choir and Touring Ensemble on a very laudable culmination of the year’s work! In the words of one of our adjudicators, “You have represented yourselves and your community and your school tremendously.”

CHS Choirs Music in the Parks May 2014

Click to enlarge!


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