Touring Ensemble 2014-15

Thank you to all who auditioned for the Ensemble, and congratulations to all 2014-15 members, listed below!

NEW MEMBERS, please email Ms. Hutton immediately to confirm that you got this information. 

ALL MEMBERS, please check your email in July for more information on this year’s August rehearsals. Please make sure all rehearsals are on your family calendar. Attendance is non-negotiable. Please reference the contract and schedule. FYI, beginning in July, all communication will move to the Touring Ensemble website.

Thank you!

Touring Ensemble, 2014-15

Autumn Angelettie
Dave Antoine
Maddie August
Robert Austin
Grace Bitterman
Isaac Blank
Lilo Blank
Abby Brown
Willa Capper
Olivia Charendoff
Noah Clouse
Ruby DeMaio
Yourcenar Destin
Willa Douglas
Arin Edelstein
Sydney Griffin
Jackson Healy
Domonique Holmes
Lia Hyman
Justin Johnson
Chris Kuchler
Erin Kuchler
Laura Martin
Becca Neckritz
Batya Reich
Joe Reilly
Nina Schenk
Mikayla Stone
Aaron Townsend
Austin Warr



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