District Chorus Auditions

All 10th-12th graders are eligible to audition for PMEA’s District 11 Chorus Festival. This is a wonderful opportunity to sing challenging repertoire in a large, accomplished group, with an excellent conductor.

Participation requires acceptance through an audition with Ms. Hutton, an audition through PMEA District 11, and, if accepted, significant independent work to prepare music for the actual festival. All eligible, motivated students are encouraged to audition!

The timeline:

  • Wed, Oct 30 3:00-4:30 Auditions for CHS Candidates, in the choir room
  • Sat, Nov 23 7:15a-1:30p PMEA Auditions at Upper Merion High School
  • Th-Sa, Feb 9-11* PMEA District 11 Chorus Festival at Neshaminy High School
    • Jeremy Jackman, Guest Conductor
    • *Students are away from school Thursday-Friday; concert is Saturday afternoon.

The two audition pieces are:

Handel’s Sing Unto God

Bruckner’s Os Justi

For both pieces, you must sing the entirety of your voice part, solo, and a cappella. In the audition, you’ll be given a starting pitch, then you’ll sing from a chosen point for a duration of about 12-30 measures. You’ll be evaluated on pitch and rhythm, vocal tone, and dynamics/articulation.

The audition will also consist of two sight-singing excerpts. You’ll be given a starting pitch, 30 seconds to study, then a starting pitch again.

Please feel free to chat with Ms. Hutton about how you can best prepare!


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