A Cappella Group Audition Results

From the leaders of Sons of Pitch:

Sons of Pitch would like to sincerely thank everyone who auditioned and to strongly encourage hopefuls to try again next year!

Sons of Pitch 2013-2014

*=New Member

Robert Austin*
Isaac Blank
Evan Brown
Noah Clouse
Xavier Crisden*
Owen Davies*
Greg Davis*
David Geron-Neubauer
Josiah Harmar
Eliot Pavlov-Rosenfeld
Joe Reilly*
Jack Rosen
Oliver Snook*
Austin Warr
Christos Yiantsos

From the leaders of Up the Octave:

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! It was a difficult decision, but we are confident in our selection and we are sure it’s going to be a great group this year.

Up The Octave 2013-2014

*=New Member

Maddie August*
Lilo Blank
Willa Capper*
Lena Cathay
Isabel Colangelo*
Maureen Conly*
Arin Edelstein
Sydney Griffin*
Chloe Gulak
Lia Hyman*
Catherine Kluchinski*
Sophie McHugh
Ari Moriniere-Wilson*
Ali Ormsby
Nina Schenk*
Jessie Shapiro
Taylor Symes


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