CHS VPA Boosters Meeting Wednesday, September 18, 7:00 pm

CHS Choir Families: Please consider attending the first VPA Boosters Meeting of the year, this Wednesday, September 18, at 7:00, in the choir room. Below is a letter from our VPA Presidents. Thanks in advance for whatever support you can give!

CHS Choir Students: get a free doughnut by having your parent/guardian attend!!

Dear Parents of CHS vocalists,

We’re going to keep this short and sweet – As co-presidents of the VPA, a parents group dedicated to the support of the vocal arts program at Cheltenham High School, we invite you to join us this year to make 2013-14 the best it can be for our kids.  Along the way we hope to have some fun ourselves, get acquainted with all of you, make new friends and create a community of music.

We’ve been working this summer to develop some ideas for the upcoming year.

Our goal is to keep all monthly general meetings to a maximum of 1 hour.

Most of the meetings will be held at the homes of VPA board members, and will start with wine, cheese, beer and other munchies.

We plan to divide the work into clearly defined projects, each with time frame and responsibilities included, to make it easier for you to commit to a project.

Goals for 2013-14

  • Begin fund raising for the purchase of an Acoustical Shell for music performances
  • Raise money and provide air conditioning for the vocal room.
  • Develop plans to promote and support ALL the vocal groups at the high school, with opportunities for all who wish to perform outside of the regular curriculum.
  • Achieve 100% participations from all parents who have kids in the program.  It doesn’t have to be committees or meetings: come to a restaurant night, purchase an Entertainment book, or donate food or drink for a reception.

A few activities and fundraising events we are considering (we are always open to new ideas):

Entertainment Book sale
Krispy Kreme monthly sales
WaWa hoagie coupons
Restaurant nights:  with performances by CHS vocal students
Pot luck cabaret dinners
Spaghetti night with cabaret

We’re looking forward to meeting all of you and invite you join us for our first meeting on September 18th at 7:00 pm in the Choir room.  (Sorry, no wine or beer at the high school, but we will have some munchies and a refrigerator magnet with all the important dates for each of you.)

Kristin McHugh
Sara Reiter


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