Voice Lessons at CHS!

I am very pleased to share that Cheltenham’s Choir program has begun a partnership with a fantastic voice teacher, Rebecca Hoke. She will be teaching voice lessons to CHS choir students once a week, after school, in the choir room, beginning later this month.

Rebecca is a skilled music educator, an experienced voice teacher, a phenomenal singer, and a smart, easygoing, fun person. She holds degrees in music education and vocal performance from Westminster Choir College and Temple University, and she works as a professional singer in Philadelphia. She also teaches private lessons out of her home in Chestnut Hill. I have worked extensively with Rebecca, and I recommend her to you all wholeheartedly!

Students received this informational letter and form in their classes last week.* Many students have turned in forms indicating interest in starting lessons this month. Students, if you have not turned in your form yet, please let Ms. Hutton know of your interest immediately, so that Rebecca can schedule you into a slot. If you have turned in your form, look for an important email in the next couple days.

*One note: Lessons in May and June will be on Wednesdays, not Mondays, as the original letter stated.

This in an incredibly exciting development for our CHS singers, and I hope many of you will be able to take advantage of this great opportunity!



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