Report from the National ACDA Conference

Today I returned from the 2013 National Conference of the American Choral Directors Association, in Dallas, TX. It was an exquisite 4 days!! I had the wonderful opportunity to see many amazing choirs, talk with several distinguished conductors, learn useful new things at workshops by great choral educators, and much more….

A performance by Cheltenham’s own Tom Kuchler ’12 and his University of Delaware Chorale was a highlight. As were discussions with Dr. Alan Raines, who remembers his residency with our Cheltenham singers in 2011 with great fondness. I also talked with the organizers of our 2012 New York City tour, who said glowing words about Cheltenham Choirs and their level of preparedness, friendliness, and professionalism at Lincoln Center.

Over Spring Break, I will post more reflections on the ACDA Conference and how my experiences there apply to our Cheltenham Choirs. I will also share the promised photo featuring Eric Whitacre (along with Dr. Raines)!

Thanks so much to the Cheltenham School District, Mr. Kuhn, and the VPA Boosters for supporting my attendance at this conference. Many thanks, too, to our choir presidents, council members, and section leaders for their leadership while I was away.

Hooray for ACDA and beautiful choral music! Looking forward to being back with the CHS Choirs tomorrow!

-Ms. Hutton


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  1. Lucas DeJesus on

    Glad to hear you had such a great time! Wish I could’ve been there this year!

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