Select Choir Audition Results for 2013-14

Thank you to all who auditioned. Our school has many very skilled singers, and both Concert Choir and Select Choir will be truly excellent groups next year!

Please talk to Ms. Hutton if you have any questions–or if you have difficulties registering for either your Concert or Select Choir class. Thank you.

Select Choir 2013-14: 

* = new member

Austin, Teddy*
Blank, Isaac*
Blank, Lilo*
Brown, Evan
Capper, Willa*
Cathay, Lena
Clark, Aijha*
Clark, Ayanna*
Clouse, Noah
Colangelo, Isabel
Crisden, Xavier*
Destin, Yourcenar*
Douglas, Willa*
Edelstein, Arin*
Geron-Neubauer, David
Griffin, Sydney*
Gulak, Chloe
Hampton, Everette*
Harmar, Josiah
Juliani, Sarah
McHugh, Sophie
McNally, Caroline
Ormsby, Ali
Pavlov-Rosenfeld, Eliot
Reilly, Allie
Rosen, Jack
Schenk, Nina
Shapiro, Jessie
Symes, Taylor
Warr, Austin
Wooten, Kyshan*
Yiantsos, Christos
Young, C. J.*
Zgraggen, Nick*


1 comment so far

  1. Jack Rosen on

    While I’m overjoyed that a number of these people got accepted into Select Choir, I am dreadfully sad that many didn’t! In any case, I agree that both choirs will be filled with talented people next year!

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