Study: Sarasponda (Women’s Choir)

From Arin Edelstein, Women’s Choir and Choir Council Member:

Hey Women’s Choir!  Here are some study materials for “Sarasponda”.  PLEASE practice when you have free time!

This video is of a high school women’s choir.  They drop their phrases on the “ret set set” parts, so we need to be aware of that when we sing this!! Pay attention to their vowels and how they say each word, it sounds very mature. We should try this when we sing.

This video is fun! They have a lot of energy when they perform this song, so if we have energy then people will want to listen to us and watch us!! (This video is not the full song, but it’s entertaining) 🙂

Happy listening and PRACTICING 🙂


~Arin Edelstein (member of Choir Council)


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