Study: Think On Me (Women’s Choir)

From Arin Edelstein, Women’s Choir and Choir Council Member:

Hey Women’s Choir! Here are a couple different versions of one of our songs: “Think On Me” (written by Mary Queen of Scots). PLEASE practice this (even if only for two minutes) so that we sound absolutely AMAZING when we sing this 🙂

Pay attention to the “When eyes are brightest…” parts of this recording, the phrasing is beautiful and we should try to do this when we sing it!

This version is a different arrangement than ours, but their blend is very nice.  But their vowels sound more like a high school choir than a men’s and women’s choir… remember: nice tall vowels!!!

This choir has lovely consonants…”Thi….nKKKK'”on me” (if that makes sense).

Happy Listening (and PRACTICING) 🙂


~Arin Edelstein (member of Choir Council)


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