Work Day this Saturday! 10am-5pm: Volunteers Needed

Parent and Student Volunteers are needed this Saturday, August 18! 10:00 am-5:00 pm

Tasks: organize the props loft above the stage, clear some stuff out of the scene shop, organize the choir room. Many hands are needed!!

Please let us know if you’re coming and what you might bring: comment below!

We are looking for volunteers to provide:

  • big, easily portable shelving (to store props in the loft; it’ll need to be carried up a couple flights of stairs)
  • clothes racks of any sort (to store costumes in the loft; again, something that can travel up stairs)
  • a pick up truck to haul things to a dumpster
  • some fruit or a dessert (to go along with the pizza), if you like

Please comment below if you can bring any of the above things!

What you will get:

  • pizza provided by the VPA Boosters!
  • drinks provided by the VPA Boosters
  • fun times with other choir students and families!!
  • sweaty

construction sign

Come anytime–for an hour or the whole day. A great work day Saturday will prepare us for an organized, efficient year of spectacular performances!!!

Thank you for your support!


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