Touring Ensemble Audition Results

Please read this entire post.

A huge, sincere thank you to all who auditioned for Touring Ensemble! It was wonderful to have you as part of the process; your energy and commitment were outstanding! We have a fantastic group of students, and I have no doubt that 2012-13 will be a terrific year in the CHS choir program.

Below is the list of students accepted into Touring Ensemble. Congratulations!

ACCEPTED STUDENTS–BOTH NEW AND OLD: YOU MUST READ THIS CONTRACT VERY CAREFULLY THEN REVIEW IT IN DETAIL WITH YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN(S). IN ORDER TO KEEP YOUR SPOT IN THE ENSEMBLE, YOU MUST RETURN THE SIGNED CONTRACT (last page only) TO MS. HUTTON (in the CHS choir room or via email) or to MR. MALLITZ by 3:00 pm, Friday, May 11, 2012. If you do not return the last page of the contract, signed by you and a parent by Friday, May 11, you will lose your place in the Ensemble, and it may be given to another student.

Here are the accepted Touring Ensemble Members for 2012-13 (pending return of a signed contract by 3:00, Fri, May 11–along with enrollment in a CHS Choir):

*=new member

Bryanna Beamer
Jerold Blackwell
Lilo Blank*
Evan Brown
Colin Camp
Willa Capper*
Lena Cathay*
Yourcenar Destin*
Willa Douglas*
Arin Edelstein*
Keenan Faison
Melissa Friedman
Sydney Griffin*
Chloe Gulak
Kelly Hayes
Ari Heitler-Klevans
Jason Heitler-Klevans
Justin Johnson
Hunter Landon
Lynette Lark*
Hannah Lustine
Sophie McHugh
Caroline McNally
Joey McPherson*
Jazara Morales
Arianna Morniere-Wilson
Ali Ormsby
Eliot Pavlov-Rosenfeld*
Nina Schenk
Luke Sullivan
Aaron Townsend*
Marissa Townsend
Austin Warr
Nicholas Zgraggen*

If any of the above students do not turn in their signed contract (last page) by Friday, May 11, at 3:00 pm, their place in the Ensemble may be given to an alternate.

Male Alternates: to be re-auditioned if needed.

Female Alternates, in the approximate order in which they might be called to join the Ensemble, if needed: Gabi Montoya, Jen Skabla, Alyssa Davis, Sami Robertson, Olivia Charendoff, Taylor Symes, Kara Bowers

If you auditioned and your name is not on any of these lists, it is because either: a) You didn’t fill out the required online form to complete your audition; or b) Though you won’t be part of Touring Ensemble this year, we strongly encourage you to audition again next year! Auditioning is always a valuable experience, and many members are accepted on their second, third, or even fourth audition!

If you need to contact Ms. Hutton, feel free to email her anytime.

Thank you again–to all who auditioned–for your positive energy and hard work! I can’t wait to work with you all in the CHS choir program next year!


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