Booster Meeting and Elections Tues, May 8, 7:00 pm

Parents and supporters, please read this message from our CHS Vocal Performing Arts Boosters’ President, Bonnie Aaron.
A million thanks to Bonnie for her tireless, dedicated, energetic leadership for the last year and a half. And sincerest thanks to all who have contributed to the Boosters’ organization this year. We can’t thank you enough for what you’ve given our students!!


Please come to the final VPA meeting of the year on Tuesday May 8th at 7:00 in the choir room.  We will be celebrating the great success of our group during the past year!  Come meet fellow parents and learn about the exciting plans for coming year.  Even if you are not interested in taking on a major role, come to the meeting and hear about the exciting plans for the coming year.

Next year will be exciting as it is the 50th Anniversary of both Touring Ensemble and the CHS Musical.   There are plenty of opportunities, small and large, to get involved and support the program which gives so much to our kids and the community.  Please come to the meeting and help continue the great progress VPA has made in just one year of existence.  There are many vacancies due to positions held by parents of seniors.  All of these parents will be passing on “notes” from the position so it is basically a turn-key operation to get started.  Let’s keep this going!

VPA Bylaws provide for the following elected officers to serve a term of one year beginning July 1 through June 30th:

1.  President

2.  Vice-President

3.  Secretary

4.  Treasurer (Rich Hayes has offered to continue in this role!!!)

Additional chairperson and committee positions will also be open for the coming year:

  • Fundraising – Identify fundraising opportunities and help manage the execution with a committee or individual fundraiser chairperson
  • Musical Liaison Overall Chair (previously held by mom of senior)
  • Musical Asst. ticket chairperson (to work with Sara Reiter Brown who will take over chairmanship previously held by senior mom)
  • Kiss the Cast chairperson (previously held by mom of senior)
  • Website – we have a website but need someone who knows how to update and develop further
  • Membership (held by mom of senior; have database and largely responsible for sending out e-mail communications)
  • Sponsorships (previously held by mom of senior; program is developed; need to encourage sales of sponsorships)
  • Touring Ensemble Liaison (responsibility ends at debut)
  • 50th Anniversary Committee – chaired by Kathleeen Fitzgerald Camp (need committee)

Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

-Bonnie Aaron


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