Tour Music Preparation and Rehearsals: Required for all Tourgoers!

The big tour to NYC is rapidly approaching!!! June 15-18 and the performance at Lincoln Center are not far away!

Avery Fisher Hall (Lincoln Center)

It is vital that all Cheltenham Choirs students prepare all the tour music thoroughly. We must arrive in New York with the music very securely learned. You should be able to sing your part without help from any other singers. Only those singers who are completely prepared will be allowed to go on the tour.

You have two main resources to help you:

1) After School Rehearsals. You must attend at least 5 of the listed rehearsals. See the schedule and other details here.

2) Online practice files.  Go to the link and click “June 15-18, Dr. Paul Rardin.” Then enter the password “practicerecordings2012.” Here you will find files of your voice part for each of the 6 pieces. Actively study these pitches and rhythms with your music in front of you!!

password: practicerecordings2012

Questions? Ask Ms. Hutton and/or your Choir President!


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