Select Choir 2012-13

Many thanks to all who auditioned for Select Choir! All your auditions were strong, and the placement decisions were very difficult to make. This bodes well for our choral program–our Cheltenham singers are motivated, hard-working and very capable musicians!

Those students who were not placed in Select Choir in 2012-13 will be part of Concert Choir, a fantastic group in its own right. The complete Concert Choir roster is forthcoming.

Note that members of any CHS choir are eligible to audition for Touring Ensemble and Up the Octave or Sons of Pitch. (And any CHS student can always audition for the spring musical.) All CHS singers in 10th-12th grades are also eligible for extracurricular opportunities such as PMEA district, regional, and state chorus festivals, along with other honor choir opportunities.

Here is the Select Choir roster for 2012-13. Congratulations to you all on your selection!

*=new member in 2012-13

Beamer, Bryanna
Blackwell, Jerold
Brown, Evan
Camp, Colin
Cathay, Lena
Clouse, Noah*
Colangelo, Isabel*
Faison, Keenan
Friedman, Melissa
Geron-Neubauer, David
Gulak, Chloe*
Harmar, Josiah*
Hayes, Kelly*
Heitler-Klevans, Ari
Heitler-Klevans, Jason
Hood, Danielle*
Horn, Adam
Juliani, Sarah*
Lustine, Hannah
McHugh, Sophie
McNally, Caroline*
Morales, Jazara*
Ormsby, Alison
Pavlov-Rosenfeld, Eliot*
Rall, Kelsey
Reilly, Allie*
Rosen, Jack*
Schenk, Nina*
Shapiro, Jessie*
Symes, Taylor*
Townsend, Marissa*
Warr, Austin*
Wooten, Kyshan*
Yiantsos, Christos


2 comments so far

  1. Carter on

    YAY! I am sooooo happy for everyone! 🙂

  2. Jack Rosen on

    Yo when is the Concert Choir list gonna be posted? I can’t wait to see it, though I won’t be in it!

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