Details for Concert in Center City Sunday, March 11

Hello Cheltenham Choirs!

As you know, our final all-choirs concert of the year is Sunday, March 11, at Christ Church, in Center City.

(Directions are here.)

This concert presents an exceptional opportunity to sing in a beautiful, historical space. All four choirs will perform, and the concert features students singing from all areas of the space, including the aisles and balcony. We will be accompanied by Parker Kitterman, Director of Music at Christ Church, on both piano and organ. Student instrumentalists will accompany our singers on guitar, violin, bass, and percussion. Repertoire ranges from a gypsy folk song and dance to a Renaissance piece in Latin, to a Hebrew folk song, to an Indian pop song, to a French Romantic piece with organ–and more. It will be a very exciting concert!

The afternoon of Sunday, March 11, we will take buses from CHS down to the concert site. 

Students should arrive in the choir room by 2:00 pm Sunday, March 11, for attendance/roll call. The bus will leave CHS no later than 2:15 pm.

When we arrive in the city, we will warm-up and rehearse in the performance space.

The concert will begin at 5:00 pm and conclude by 6:15 pm.

Parents and families, we hope you will join us for this wonderful concert!  And perhaps take the opportunity to go out to dinner in the city after the show!

Those students who will be returning to Cheltenham with their families must notify Ms. Hutton of that plan during class. All other students will return to Cheltenham on the buses; they should be picked up at the high school around 7:15 pm.

Looking forward to a fantastic showcase for our CHS Choirs!!! Thanks for your support of our student musicians’ excellent work!


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