Videoconference Tues, Jan 24 on Careers in the Performing Arts

CHS Musicians:

For those of you interested in careers in the performing arts, we’ve got a great opportunity to take part in a videoconference: “Careers in the Performing Arts with the Cast and Crew of the Nationally Touring Production of Hair.” The videoconference is Tuesday, January 24. We’ll meet at 12:30 pm in the choir room to generate a list of questions for the cast. The videoconference is 1:00-2:00 pm.

This program is part of the Careers in the Performing Arts Distance Learning Program, which is run by the Playhouse Theater in Cleveland, Ohio. This program is designed to connect musical theater professionals with students interested in careers in the performing arts. Our host for the videoconference is Linda Jackson, Community Engagement & Education Program Manager of the Playhouse Square Association.

There are a bunch of schools participating, and we were selected as one of only ten schools to ask questions of the cast. From the organizers: “Due to the overwhelming response for this program, only ten school sites will be interactive. Interactive Sites: Berea HS, Cheltenham HS, Cleveland School of the Arts, Firelands HS, Lake Catholic HS, Lorain HS, Midpark HS, Old Trail School, Rocky River HS and Roehm MS.”

Very exciting! Feel free to start thinking about what you’d like to hear professional musical theater performers share with you, so when our turn comes along, we’ll be ready to ask questions and learn from these pros.

Here are some great resources (for teachers and students) about developing a career in musical theater. These resources will help us prepare for the videoconference.

Any interested CHS students are welcome at this event; feel free to invite your friends!

Thanks to Ms. Wall, our CHS librarian, for helping to set up this event for us.


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