Fundraising Deadline Monday–and other Reminders from VPA Boosters

Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder that the Entertainment Book fundraiser will end Monday, October 31st. We need all the money, orders, or unsold books turned in on this date. We are hoping that everyone was able to sell at least one book to help the Vocal Performing Arts Boosters. This money supports all the choral programs, not just trips. If you have not sold the book, it needs to be returned to Ms. Hutton on Monday.

In case you wanted to set up a seller number for online sales, but haven’t done it yet, here’s how:
*Go to
*Click on “students and fundraisers” (top bar)
*sign in with email
*enter a password
*click “create my account”
*enter info
*enter school ID# 623247
*you will get a seller #

Special Announcement: We can now raise money through online sales at Sally Foster. They have over 200 products available including wrapping paper, chocolates, candles and decor items. We will receive 40% of anything that is sold when our school ID is used. The CHS choir number is the same as the Entertainment book number: #623247. Also, if your student has signed up for a seller ID, the money can go to their individual account. The deadline for Sally Foster online sales is December 1st. Go to to see what they have.

Other fundraisers coming up:

Beginning of November – Jose Madrid Salsa – healthy, gourmet salsa in 19 flavors including fruit, red, green and specialty salsas for only $6 a jar. If we sell enough jars we’ll make $3 per jar. These make great holiday gifts. This will be an individual fundraiser for students going on the trip, however, if you’re not going on the trip and you want to buy salsas it will benefit the VPA Boosters.

Krispy Kreme Coupons – Ongoing. These coupons sell for $8, students get $3 per coupon into their trip fund. Delivered donuts sell for $10/coupon, students get $5.

We’d like to do other fundraisers such as Wawa coupons, but we will need a chair. As always, the more people that get involved the more successful we’ll be with our fundraising and supporting the performing arts programs.

Come to our next VPA Boosters meeting on Wednesday, November 16th at 7:00 pm in the choir room.


1 comment so far

  1. Nina on

    Since the Entertainment Books fundraiser is ending, I could do the Wawa coupons…or any other ones. Just let me know.

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