Concert Choir: Jesu Dulcis Memoria by Victoria

Concert Choir! This is the piece you chose, by vote on Friday, as your third piece on the November 12 concert.

I’m excited to work on it with you. As many of you said, this will allow you to refine your skills in singing as an ensemble, unifying vowels, and singing with beautiful legato phrasing.

The piece is a short SATB motet, in Latin. It was written by a famous Spanish Renaissance composer, Tomas Luis de Victoria, (or da Vittoria), who lived from 1548-1611. This piece has remained very popular in the western choral world for 400 years.

Please use these midi (electronic music) files to practice your part. On this website, click on the title of the piece to hear all parts at once. Click on your voice part to hear your part alone.

Of course, these midi files ignores diction, text, dynamics, phrasing, vowels, etc. But they are excellent help with learning your part’s pitches and rhythms correctly. Listen to your part as you watch your music, then make sure you can sing it all accurately. Finally, play the midi file with all parts, and sing your part aloud as you hear all the others.
For more help, listen and review the Cambridge Singers’ performance, below. (Note that they are singing the piece a half-step above where it is written.)


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