Opportunity to Perform in the Philly Thanksgiving Day Parade

The director of a “Salute to Broadway” production number for the Philadelphia 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade seeks high school musical theater performers to participate in a brand new musical theater act which is part of the parade. The parade is Thursday, November 24, 2011, and it will be televised by WPVI-TV to about 15 million viewers.

The director is looking for experienced, well-rounded, and dedicated musical theater performers. They need to attend rehearsals Nov. 13, 20, and 23, and they must be available approximately 8:30 am-noon on Nov 24. There is a $60 registration fee.

Please contact Ms. Hutton by Monday, October 17 if you are interested in participating and would like to receive more details from the director/choreographer.


3 comments so far

  1. Sophia Geron-Neubauer on

    Gosh, why can’t I be in high school anymore?

  2. Miss M on

    Ms. H – Is this with Under the Sun Productions?

  3. cheltenhamchoirs on

    Hi Miss M-
    Hmm. Don’t think so….All I know is that the info comes from Michael J. Hartman:
    Mike Hartman
    Coordinator of the 2011 Salute To Broadway Production Number
    Artistic Director, Greater Ocean City Theatre Company
    Musical Theatre Director, Owen J. Roberts High School
    Choreographer, Cabrini College
    Musical Theatre Director, East Bradford Elementary School
    Producer/Choreographer, America’s National Teenager

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