Entertainment Book Sales!

Let the fundraising begin! Our Entertainment Book sale runs through Monday, October 31.

Each choir member is asked to sell at least one coupon book to benefit our program. Books sell for $30 each. $15 profit is earned on each book. Profit on the first book sold goes to the general choir funds. Profit on each additional book sold goes directly into the seller’s individual tour account. Bonus: Sell 5 or more books, and you get one free!

Example: A tour-fundraising student sells 11 books. $15 goes to the general funds, and $150 (10 x $15) goes to the individual’s tour account. The student also gets one bonus book free; the student can sell that book for another $15 profit or keep it.

Note: Buyers should make checks payable to CHS VPA Boosters.

Those not fundraising for the tour are encouraged to sell these great coupons, too! The $15 profit per book supports the Cheltenham choir program’s expenses for accompanists, guest clinicians, sheet music, curriculum materials, field trips, social events, etc.

Prize: Top seller gets $50. A student fundraising for the tour gets $50 deposited directly into his/her individual tour account.

Want to sell to someone out of town? It’s simple. Go to www.entertainment.com/support, enter our CHS Choirs account number, 623247; search for the buyer’s city; and purchase directly online.  Almost all books are just $30–some are a little more, many are less, depending on the market. Shipping is free.

If you have questions, please contact our Parent Organizer, Jenny Heitler-Klevans, or your choir’s Entertainment Book representative, Carter Smalley, Brigid MacArthur-Thompson, Nina Schenk, or Aaron Townsend.


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