Select Choir: New Rep & Section Leader Audition Material

Hello Select Choir!

So far this marking period, we’ve worked on some classics of the choral repertoire:

Ave Verum Corpus by W.A. Mozart (1756-1791), Austrian, Classical Era

He, Watching Over Israel by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847), German, Romantic Era*

Set Me as a Seal by Rene Clausen (b. 1953), American, Modern Era

Next, we’ll reach back a few centuries to the Renaissance Era.

Here’s El Grillo by Josquin des Prez (ca. 1450-1521), Franco-Flemish (=present-day Belgium/France)

Select Choir Students Interested in Being Section Leaders:

1. Prepare your voice part for this piece. You should be able to sing it on a neutral syllable and play it. You should also be able to play at least one other voice part while singing your part. Ignore the Italian for now; you’re not required to learn the text. Learn pitches and rhythms. Also, make educated, thoughtful choices about appropriate dynamics, articulation, and phrasing based on what you can determine about the piece’s character.

2. Make an appointment to meet with Ms. Hutton for 10-15 minutes. You will run a mock sectional for the piece, as if Ms. Hutton is your section and she is seeing the piece for the first time. Ms. Hutton will also ask you some questions about the piece.

Please contact Ms. Hutton to schedule your section leader interview asap. These meetings will take place Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, September 26-28.

*Friendly Reminder: Part checks for the Mendelssohn begin Monday, October 3. You should know every pitch, rhythm, and syllable of text, and you should be able to sing your part in a quartet or octet. Useful resources are listed in a previous post. (Remember, too, that a portion of PMEA District Chorus Auditions assess your singing of this piece.)

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