Classical Singer’s High School Vocal Competition

Would you like to sing for a panel of university voice instructors, practicing your audition skills and perhaps winning a college scholarship for singing?

Check out Classical Singer Magazine’s 2012 High School and University Vocal Competition.

Students aged 14-18 as of May 24, 2012 are eligible. There is a first round audition date in the Philadelphia area January 21 and another date to be determined. It requires a $75 application fee–but use the discount code below and register early, and it’s just $50.

Students interested in this opportunity would benefit greatly from private vocal instruction to help them prepare.

This is a great way to practice auditioning and performing solo–while getting written feedback from university voice instructors!

See the information and links below.

Registration Open
Hi Jenny,

Sing for Scholarships

Receive immediate written feedback and qualify for full-tuition scholarships.

You or your students can now register for Classical Singer’s 2012 High School & University Vocal Competition.

Sing at any of the 45 First Round locations Oct 30 – April 1 and you’ll be eligible for the$2.3 million in university scholarships, $6,000 in cash prizes, and summer program scholarships.

Competition participants receive:

  • Immediate written feedback from university faculty and voice teachers
  • Invaluable audition experience
  • Networking opportunities with singers and teachers from across the country
  • Free 3-month subscription to Classical Singer magazine and Auditions Plus
  • Free admittance to the 2012 College Expo recruiting fair and high school masterclasses

The top half at each First Round location will advance to the final rounds in Chicago May 25-27 where they will sing in front of nearly 100 of the nation’s top vocal programs.

Register before October 15 and save $25 with the discount code early2012.

Register at or call 877-515-9800 and speak with Jenny Fawcett or Aubrey Werner.

Best of luck!
. . .
Alex Stoddard
General Manager
Classical Singer
T: 877-515-9800

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