Wanna go to a Phillies game? And see our CHS singers perform? Of course you do!


To all supporters of Cheltenham High School, its students, its music program–and to all you loyal Phillies fans:

We proudly invite you to join us at the Phillies game the evening of Sunday, September 18.  We are extremely proud that our Select Choir will have the honor of singing our national anthem at the game.

The big game, at Citizens Bank Park, is against the Cardinals, at 8:05 pm. Select Choir will sing at approximately 7:55 pm.

As a performing organization, we have tickets reserved for us in Section 304–the cheap seats in right field. The tickets are $20 each; $18 goes to the Phillies (to cover the special group rate), and $2 goes to our choir program. All ticketholders (other than Select Choir members) are responsible for their own transportation to and from the game.

We encourage every parent, family member, and Cheltenham High School supporter to join us in the Cheltenham Section for a great day of baseball and great moments of CHS singing!

Again, each game ticket is $20. You may pay in cash or by check made out to the Phillies. Please turn in ticket money in an envelope marked with the number of tickets ordered, the amount enclosed, and the name of each individual purchasing a ticket.

The deadline for all ticket money to be turned in to Ms. Hutton is Friday, September 9, 2011. 

Please include this form or write this info on the outside of your envelope.

We’d love to have a great group of Cheltenham fans and Phillies fans to show their support!

Please join us for a superb evening of baseball and Cheltenham singing!!!

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