Do you miss school?! Come by this Saturday, July 2!

Hey everyone,

Saturday, July 2, I [yep, that’s Ms. Hutton] will be at school from about 9:00am-4:00pm. Feel free to stop by the choir room anytime to file away music, help re-organize the room for next year, and do anything else you’d like to help out our choir program.

Some students have already expressed interest in meeting up with me and/or helping. All are welcome!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer so far!


4 comments so far

  1. Ellie on

    I’ll be there!

  2. cheltenhamchoirs on


  3. Sophia Geron-Neubauer on

    Aw, well I couldn’t make it today, but if there’s another one, I’ll for sure come! (This is Sophia, btw.)

  4. cheltenhamchoirs on

    Fabulous!! I plan to be back here July 23 and July 30. Some others are planning on coming to help/meet those days, too.

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