CHS Choirs 2011-12

The goal of Cheltenham Choral Program is to provide a graded musicianship experience that encourages excellence in musicianship and performance across all levels and all ensembles. Members of all four curricular choirs are asked to perform a variety of repertoire with high standards for choral excellence. To achieve our goals more effectively, the choir program will be structured differently next year.

photo courtesy of David Wisch

photo courtesy of David Wisch

Freshman Women’s Choir and Freshman Men’s Choir will continue to be separate classes and choirs. Activities in these classes will continue to shore up students’ musicianship skills while exposing them to a variety of choral repertoire and musical activities, including foundations of vocal technique and music literacy. 

photo courtesy of David Wisch

Concert Choir will be the largest choir and the heart of CHS’s choral program. It will be a mixed choir made up of experienced 10th-12th grade singers who are comfortable reading music and who sing with good vocal technique.  Students in Concert Choir will continue to develop their skills in ensemble singing, musicianship, and vocal technique. Through their work, they will become well-qualified to sing in any number of choirs after high school and/or to join Select Choir as a junior or senior. Concert Choir will also offer an excellent choral experience for those students who have time in their schedule for only a minor elective.

photo courtesy of David Wisch

Select Choir next year will be a small group of students who are extremely experienced and skilled in vocal technique and reading music. In 2011-12, this group will also include those who have already been in Select Choir for a number of years. Select Choir, a major class, will be a small chamber choir that performs advanced repertoire requiring highly-developed musical skills. The ensemble will require a serious commitment of time and energy–both in terms of independent music preparation and in terms of performances and other activities outside of class. The group will be well-suited to students who may want to take advantage of activities such as PMEA District, Regional, or All-State Chorus, ACDA Honor Choirs, summer choral camps, etc.–as well as to students who may want to study music in college.

Of course, members of any CHS choir next year will remain eligible for participation in all extra-curricular vocal activities including Touring Ensemble, Up the Octave, Sons of Pitch, and the spring Cheltenham Musical Theatre production. In addition, any 10th, 11th, or 12th grader is eligible and encouraged to audition for PMEA choral festivals.

The rosters for these classes in 2011-12 have been created based on students’ written statements, auditions, and past performance in choir classes and extra-curricular music activities. Students’ year in school and each choir’s balance between SATB vocal parts were considerations, as well.

Please note that more students have enrolled for Concert Choir and will be in the group; that roster is not complete. Also, please note that these placements are subject to change based on scheduling issues and other unforseen factors.

Select Choir 2011-12

Aaron, Allison
Blackwell, Jerold
Brown, Evan
Camp, Colin
Cathay, Angelena
Coco, Rebecca
Davis, Caitlin
Faison, Keenan
Felix, Mariana
Fisher-Tannenbaum, Ashley
Friedman, Melissa
Fuller, Michael
Geron-Neubauer, David
Ginder, Rose
Goldberg, Samantha
Heitler-Klevans, Ari
Heitler-Klevans, Jason
Hood, Ben
Horn, Adam
Kaplan, Ellie
Kuchler, Tom
Lustine, Hannah
Marks, Aaron
McHugh, Sophie
Ormsby, Alison
Oswald, Jenny
Rall, Kelsey
Ruch, Danielle
Segal, Eliana
Shoap-Hall, Arielle
Smalley, Carter
Yiantsos, Christos
Zaret, Dina
Concert Choir 2011-12 *This roster is not complete. Many more current and new choir students will be part of this ensemble. Those current choir students who have enrolled, along with new students who have auditioned, have been accepted into the group. If your name isn’t here, don’t fret! I just don’t have those complete rosters at this point. This page will be updated as complete rosters become available.


Ayala, Joanna
Bell, Amber
Bowers, Kara
Bowman, Ayo
Casseus, Sabrina
Clark, Aijha
Clark, Ayanna
Cohen, Leah
Dozier, Camron
Dufresne, Meritsa
Goldberg, Ilana
Gordon, Haley
Graul, Allison
Green, Ashlyn
Gulak, Chloe
Hampton, Everette
Harmar, Josiah
Hayes, Kelly
Hood, Danielle
Johnston, Shira
Kuchler, Daniel
Lenon, Jasminn
Lewis Polsky, Tessa
Mcpherson, Joey
Montoya, Gabriela
Morales, Jazara
Moriniere-Wilson, Arianna
Mulligan, Daron
Nelson, Michael
O’Grady, John
Okorji, Ikechukwu
Oliver, Alexandria
Parisi, Madeline
Pellino, Natasha
Robinson, Brianna
Rosen, Jacob
Rouillard, Taylor
Schutkofsky, Meriel
Shapiro, Jessica
Sloan, Nathan
Sobel, Michelle
Suarez, Kevin
Te, Ma
Tischler, Emma
Townsend, Marissa
Worman, Andrew

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